Under the initiative of “My Startup” got in touch with Mr Sameer Panda

Team X-SEED under their initiative of “My Startup” got in touch with Mr Sameer Panda, the “Messiah” of Road Safety.

Mr Sameer is the CEO and founder of Tychee Juno: Burst Preventive Puncture Cure Tyres (TJ Tyres), a startup based in Tirupathi. He has achieved various accolades and his Tychee Juno project was one of the top ten entries at the “Create the Future” Design Contest- 2015 conducted by NASA and Society of Automobile Engineers, International in New York.

Mr Sameer was concerned about the road accidents due to punctures which were not being addressed by the big players and hence came up with the idea of TJ tyres. After discussing with some of his friends and alumni, he began my work. After successful research at VSSUT Burla under Prof. Debadutta Mishra, he registered for patent and spent almost 10 years on research work.

“One of the biggest problems every startup faces today is transforming the idea into reality.”
Financial problem, as with startups, was persistent. Investors were sceptical as to how a common man could come up with such a breakthrough idea. Another challenge that they faced was gaining the trust of people on their technology. They have to give a demo to make the customers see what they saw. Stringent government norms also posed a challenge.
Subsequently, Mr Sameer was able to find some partners who could help him. He also received funds from NITI Aayog, Government of India and his alumni network and sooner, he was able to realise his dream.
“Initially, we started production at Pune with a daily capacity of 12 units. Currently, we are producing 250 units a day.”

Despite being born and brought up in Odisha, Mr Sameer decided to establish his firm at Tirupathi as he found the labour climate and the government of Andhra Pradesh favourable and felt that the productivity of the workforce (consisting of people from both Odisha and Andhra Pradesh) was far better at Tirupathi. Also after NASA award, Mr Sameer was approached by several politicians in Odisha who promised him their support. But none of it was delivered.
Also, Chennai, the automobile hub of India is near to Tirupathi. TJ tyres company procures its raw materials from Malaysia and Indonesia. Paradip being the nearest port, proved Tirupathi to be the epicentre for founding his startup.

Mr Sameer feels that in order to make Odisha, the hub of startups in the near future, three things must be focused on- building space, mentoring paid by government and help in lining up with regulatory requirements which are crucial for any startup.

Despite several obstacles, Mr Sameer is determined enough to take his start-up to greater heights. He is now looking for its expansion in integrated solutions for safety in automobiles in near future. Team X-SEED wishes Mr Sameer and TJ tyres all the luck in all their future endeavours.

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